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What are Boutique Cigars?

chateau diadem what are boutique cigars?

We’re off to a great start with the 90 score we recently received in Cigars Lover Magazine’s Best Boutique Cigar category. We’ve been sharing the news with our friends and family, so proud of the headway we’ve made. There is one question that keeps being asked, however, and that’s, ‘but what exactly is a boutique cigar?’

cigars lovers magazine rating chateau diadem premium cigars

Boutique cigars

The production process of boutique cigars meets the highest quality control standards in the industry. These cigars are produced to provide a niche approach that allows only a limited group of aficionados to enjoy a particular cigar, unlike large mass-produced brands.

The denomination of boutique cigars is attributed to brands producing fewer than one million cigars annually. This is the case of Chateau Diadem, which in its first year had a production of 970,000 cigars. Where does this 970’000 number come from? in 3 different vitolas: Toro, Robusto, and Double Robusto.

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