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About Us


Chateau Diadem is a premium cigar brand crafted in the Dominican Republic where the finest tobacco meets the highest crafting standards for each cigar.

More than a luxury product, a Chateau Diadem cigar is tied to moments of conviviality and celebration, or meditation and relaxation.

Where it all began



We are Emily and Thierry, founders of Chateau Diadem, and we are cousins on our mothers' side. We both grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, but our blood has shades of many different countries. While in business school in Boston, Thierry discovered Cigar Aficionado's magazine and became even more enamored by cigars. Once back in Switzerland in 1996, he built his cigar business from the ground up, leading to the launch of one of the first online websites dedicated to hand-rolled, long-filler cigars. Meanwhile, Emily grew professionally in the luxury food & beverage industry where she honed her passion for ingredients, noble crafts and everything in between. The similarities between wine and high-end cigars made her realize that she couldn't love one and not the other, so she joined Thierry in his cigar business after leaving NYC. Together, we curated an artisanal line of Swiss chocolates for cigar aficionados creating a full palette of sensorial experiences, something we feel very strongly about. The dream to one day craft our own cigars remained, and fueled our regular phone calls and overseas cigar taste-a-thons of over 800 non-Cuban and Cuban cigars. In the early 2019, Thierry launched an online site for hand-rolled cigars and created a currency “CigarCashCoin” on the Ethereum blockchain. It was a visionary move, a very early one, the industry simply wasn’t ready for such a jump in technology. The distance and the confinement during the Covid-19 pandemic, and perhaps the irremediable desire to fulfill our dream, at a time when life and the future of the world were so uncertain, is what fueled our determination. Together we finally embarked on our mission to create the perfect blend. As soon as we were able to travel, we packed all our knowledge of the cigar, food, wine and spirits world and headed to the Dominican Republic. It is our conviction that brought us here, hence the name of our first 'liga' CONVICTION. We hope you enjoy the fruit of a lifelong passion. Emily & Thierry

Thierry Farah Emily Sahakian

Our Factory


chateau diadem tobacco premium cigars

Chateau Diadem’s factory is locatedin the free-zone of PISANO, just north of Santiago and minutes away from some of the largest known factories in the region. Our tobaccos are carefully cured and fermented multiple times to allow the colors, taste and aromas of our cigars to develop. Our Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian tobacco is hand selected by a team of dedicated professionals and sourced  from some of the finest and most reputable producers in the region. We see the process as an art-form of precision and creative mastery. We're a small brand which allows us to care for every single detail and individual we work with.

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