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What is a Robusto Cigar

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

what is a robusto cigar

Robustos have become the most appreciated cigar size amongst cigar lovers worldwide. But what is the recipe for their success?

What does Robusto mean?

Robusto is the word in Spanish for STRONG. These cigars are conceived to have more filler than wrappers. Robusto cigars tend to have more body and strength as they are rolled tightly with some of the best-tasting tobaccos.

Robusto Size and Gauge

Traditionally robustos are sized around 5 inches long by a 50-ring gauge.

robusto cigar size

Chateau Diadem’s CONVICTION Robusto size composition:

FILLER TOBACCOS Nicaraguan Criollo Estelí, Dominican Criollo 98 & Dominican Piloto Cubano

BINDER Dominican Olor

WRAPPER LEAF Ecuadorian Habano 2000

PRODUCTION Hand-rolled in the Cibao Valley, Dominican Republic.

Some of the best Robusto cigars, according to, are:

CLE 25TH ANNIVERSARY ROBUSTO. With the freshness of aniseed, the bitter tones of espresso, herbal spice, and a light salty note, this cigar offers an exciting flavor profile. A fruity sweetness and nuts are also added.

DAVIDOFF DOMINICANA ROBUSTO. This Robusto with a pigtail develops sumptuous coffee aromas. These are joined by those of nuts. The aromas are underscored by sweetness, spice, acidity, some pepperiness, and earthy tones.

GURKHA TREINTA 30TH ANNIVERSARY ROBUSTO. In the beginning, this Robusto is floral, woody, and chocolatey. Then coffee and chestnut aromas unfold in the luscious smoke. A slightly peppery kick is also discernible, which later becomes stronger and is mixed with spice, fresh fruity acidity, nuts, and espresso.

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