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  • Carolina Barriga

Petit Belicoso

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

We’re all familiar with the Belicoso; meet the little sibling, Petit Belicoso. A perfect short smoke that can be calibrated to draw as you see fit.

What does Petit Belicoso mean?

Belicoso in Spanish means bellicose. Synonyms: aggressive, feisty, belligerent, combative, warrior, martial. Petit Belicosos are a shorter version of these unique vitole. The Petit Belicoso falls into the category of "figurados." They are easily recognizable by their head, consisting of the tip of a pyramid.

Petit Belicoso Size

Chateau Diadem’s “Petit Belicoso” is 4 inches long with a 55-ring gauge. These cigars are suited for cigar lovers who appreciate the concentration offered by a torpedo cigar but prefer a crisper draw with a little less intensity and were conceived to be smoked in under 30 minutes. We also love that you can calibrate the draw in this cigar according to your mood or the time you have to enjoy this short smoke.

The Petit Belicoso will be the fifth size of Chateau Diadem’s Conviction Blend. Find an authorized shop

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