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  • Emily Sahakian

An arrival in total gratefulness

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Chateau Diadem launches at Dortmund Intertabac 2022

It’s been a whirlwind of a week as we returned from the Intertabac fair in Dortmund, where we officially launched Chateau Diadem’s Premium Cigars. It’s great to be back in the industry after so many years. The thrill of sharing our passion through the light of a flame with like-minded aficionados is an incomparable emotion.

chateau diadem dortmund inter tabac

We wanted to thank everyone who came by to support us, starting with our dear Paresh Patel from Havana House UK, who’s been following us from day one, and his trusted Phil Matthews whom we finally had the pleasure to meet. Thank you to the team at @Pasionpuro who u-turned their way back into the fair to help us carry a booth full of plants long after they were done building their own stand. To our new friend Martin Gräser and his gracious introduction to his industry colleagues. Thank you to Laurent @SkullCigars for your after-hour advice and for sharing your great smokes. To the whole team the royal cigar company - we were thrilled to meet you and hope to see more of you very soon. To Stephan Brichau for your wise advice and encouragement. To Karlheinz from Villiger for our evening smokes back at the hotel and the knowledge you shared. To the most talented House of Grauer team who often stopped by our stand to show their enthusiastic support. To our new Cigar Journal friends who took time from their busy schedules to explain their blind tastings. To Nikolaus Zoufaly for those delicious little chocolates, you spontaneously showed up with. To Agata Fillipova and Timothy Forman for your attention to all the details and to hopefully see you again in the Dominican Republic. To our new friends from Lebanon, Cameroon, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Germany, Austria, India, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and more. Last but not least, thank you to my dear cousin Eddie Sahakian from Davidoff London for your visit, we were so proud to have you by our side. We had the greatest time sampling our cigars and getting live feedback and advice from old and new friends. We only wish we had more time to visit all the other great stands. This year was a first, next year we’ll know better. To the whole team Intertabac & messe dortmund gmbh, thank you for putting on such a professional and inclusive event. Your support throughout was seamless and we will indeed be back again. Chateau Diadem

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