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Best Christmas Gifts for Cigar Lovers

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

best christmas gifts cigar lovers

There are two possible reasons why you are reading this article. 1. You are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one who adores cigars or

2. You are a passionate smoker who is decided to indulge yourself these holidays.

We crafted this list of our top picks from 10 Euros/Dollars. We hope you find the ultimate gift here!

Go straight to your category of interest.

Accessories are always welcomed and very appreciated by cigar smokers. There is a certain pleasure in trying new gadgets when lighting a cigar. The smoking experience becomes an adventure each time. The good news is that there are accessories of all prices and you can always find one that your beloved cigar aficionado doesn't have. Here you have our picks for this year.

Traditional cigar accessory brands


Davidoff Winston Churchill Cigar Whiskey Glass

Price: $125 ( Set of 2 )

If you know that the person you are gifting loves to enjoy a good cigar besides unique spirits, the Davidoff Churchill glasses can be a great gift. These glasses are made of crystal and equipped with two notches designed to rest your cigar.

davidoff winston cigar glass

Les Fines Lames

LE PETIT - Havana Streets Series - Habana Vieja

Price: €169

Les fines lames is a new cigar accessory brand that has stolen cigar lovers’ hearts. Designed and made in France by true cigar aficionados. Offer your loved one the opportunity of cutting cigars in style with LE PETIT. Sleek yet bold, pocket-sized, multi-purpose friction folder knife.

les fines lames cutter


Ligne 2 Electric Blue Lacquer Guilloche Lighter

Price: €945

ST Dupont is one of the most traditional brands in the cigar accessory environment. We chose this electric blue double-flame cigar lighter, new in the “Ligne 2” Collection. It has a palladium fire head finish, electric blue lacquer guilloche, and the signature “cling” sound. Gentle and adjustable double flame.

st dupont blue cigar lighter

Ellie Blue

"Fruit" - Ashtray 4 Cigars

Price: €1720

Ellie Blue is a top french brand for Humidors and cigar accessories. For our Christmas top gift list, we chose this unique cigar ashtray designed to host four cigars that can each rest on four metallic studs. This ashtray allows the good combustion of the cigar without heating it, thanks to the air circulation around it and the limited contact between the cigar and the ashtray.

ellie blue fruit ashtray gift



Price: €59

This new Colibri item is an original and bold gift idea in a very fair price range.

Colibri Quasar Punch is a three-in-one cigar punch designed with three pyramids, each housing a different-sized blade—7mm, 9mm, and 12mm punch—with stainless steel blades, all metal construction, and accommodation for a 60+ ring cigar.

colibri quasar cigar punch



Price: € 175

The Quasar Desk Lighter is a triple flame lighter with ignition embedded in its design. With fast single-action retracting doors, the lighter provides a steady flame in our signature Quasar design. The newest addition to the Quasar series completes the Quasar tabletop set and is a perfect gift for this christmas.

colibri quasar desk cigar torch


Cicolour Rollagas Lighter

Price: € 962

You are searching for a more classic style gift? The Rollagas pocket lighter is a Dunhill classic, featuring their famous 'snap-shut' lid and a rolling strike mechanism for effortless one-handed use. It’s engineered in silver-finish palladium-plated brass with a contrasting 18k gold-plated

roller mechanism.

dunhill cicolour rollagas cigar lighter


XO Woods Phantom Cigar Cutter


Price: € 100


Price: €165

The XO is a cutter with dual stainless steel blades that operates on a patent pending planetary gear system, ensuring the blades open and close in perfect harmony, providing a guided and clean cut every time. The distinct, round aluminum body of the XO is built for relentless durability and exceptional performance.

xicar XO wood phantom cigar cutter


Acrylic Humidor Clear (60 Cigars)

Price: €390

This ZINO see-through humidor offers a modern way to store and simultaneously view cigars without opening the box. Perfect gift for smokers who offers gatherings as everybody can see their collection while the cigars are kept well protected. The acrylic material is water‐resistant and easily washable, so there is no more risk of damaging your humidor during parties.

zino acrylic cigar humidor clear

Luxury Fashion Brands

Do you love fashion brands? Well, some designers apparently love cigars and have one or two items for us, cigar and fashion lovers.


Casaque Metamorphose d'H cigar box

Price: €6712 Designed by: Anne Roussel et Veronika Wildgruber

Dimensions: L 33 x H 12 x D 23 cm

Made in France out of mahogany wood, with a velvet goatskin lined interior and d'H" stamped design on the lid, this cigar box is a jewel for those who want to go big this Christmas.

Hermès Casaque Metamorphose d'H cigar box



Price: Made to order - Call LV for price inquiry Designed by: Asnières workshop in 1977

Dimensions: 50 x 98 x 40 cm (Length x height x width )

This extraordinary 1000 Cigars trunk was created for the Christmas catalog of Naiman Marcus, the famous American luxury department store. It enables the fanciest cigar lovers, to take their precious cigar collection on their trips.




Price: €1160

Dimensions: 50 mm high x 38 mm wide.

Santos is one of the most emblematic and classic jewelry and watches designs. Cartier indulges cigar-smoking fashionistas with this square lighter, brushed palladium-finish metal with a gold-finish screw motif.




Price: €1900 Designed by: Dior Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch

Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 12 cm

Made in France out of oak wood, This pure and functional cigar case celebrates the savoir-faire that Pierre Yovanovitch loves, and highlights traditional woodworking techniques and noble assemblies.


Personalized Christmas gift ideas

Etsy is a gold mine for unique holiday season custom cigar accessories gift ideas at great prices. From leather cigar cases engraved with your loved one’s name to unique ashtrays, we recommend you to go and browse for a while on Etsy.

These are some cool things we found:

Etsy - Jason1Boutiques

Personalized Cigar travel case in stainless steel and leather.

Price: €26

Personalized Cigar travel case in stainless steel and leather

KensByKennie - Etsy

Personalized Engraved Cigar Tube Travel Humidor.

Price: €11 - 19

Personalized Engraved Cigar Tube Travel Humidor

TheSteepleChase - Etsy

Cigar gift set. Engraved Cigar Cutter, and Torch Cigar Lighter

Price €96 +

Cigar gift set Engraved Cigar Cutter and Torch Cigar Lighter

KustomProducts - Etsy

Custom Engraved Humidor

Price: €51+

ETSY Custom Engraved cigar Humidor

NLLeathersDesign - Etsy

Personalized Leather Cigar holder

Price: €14

Personalized Leather Cigar holder

Icanengrave - Etsy

Personalized leather Cigar Box

Price: € 50+

Personalized leather Cigar Box

New Cigar Brands

Cigar aficionados are, by default, curious epicureans. You can surprise your loved smokers by getting them a case of a new cigar brand that they haven't yet tried. These are our top picks this year:

Chateau Diadem

Conviction Robusto box of 12

Retail Suggested Price: Box of 12 € 162

Launched last September in Dortmund, very few people have had access to smoking Chateau Diadem’s first Blend “Conviction.” Showcased in 3 sizes: Toro, Robusto, and Double Robusto, you can choose one of the handmade wooden boxes that carry 12 sticks.

Hand rolled in the Dominican Republic; Chateau Diadem is an eye-catcher for its beautiful warm brown wrapper and beautiful tropical and elegant bands.

Chateau Diadem christmas gift set


Liga Privada ligne T52 Flying Pig

Price: Box of 12 from € 214.50

The T52 Flying Pig It’s a complex and smooth smoke all the way through. Among the notes you’ll taste are chocolate, black coffee, leather, cinnamon, earthiness, and cedar. Their shape and color make this liga unique and a very attractive christmas gift.

Drewestate  Liga Privada ligne  T52 Flying Pig


Alma Fuerte Sixto II Robustus

Price: Box of 10 €231

The Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sixto II cigar is a powerful cigar with a huge variety of flavors with notes of dark chocolate, plum and cinnamon, the flavor is rounded out with final notes of oak and molasses. Definitely a gift a cigar lover will enjoy.

Plasencia  Alma Fuerte Sixto II Robustus


Cigar Loving goes hand in hand with gadgets, fine crafts, and beautiful accessories. Whether you get your beloved smoker a 10€ or a 20k gift, you can always find an original way to get to his heart.

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