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Cigar Accessory Brands and Designers

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

cigar accessory brands and designs

One thing that makes the cigar culture so fun and kind of addictive is the number of accessories available out there for us cigar lovers.

In this article, we want to briefly describe some accessories a cigar aficionado would like and also name some brands constantly proposing cool cigar gadgets! From the most famous cigar accessories brand to the small emergent designers or artisans, here’s the list of our all-time favorites to date.

We hope you enjoy it and get teased into acquiring yet another toy or two.

What kind of accessories are needed when you are a cigar smoker?

To smoke a cigar, you need three things: a cigar, a cutter, and something to light it. But if you are into smoking regularly, the list goes on a bit more; that’s the list we like.

Cigar Humidors

cigar humidor collage

A cigar humidor is designed to store your cigars while helping maintain their humidity level. By keeping the humidity level, the humidor allows the tobacco leaves to expand or contract according to the humidity inside.

There exists a wide range of humidors. Materials span the range from stainless steel to acrylic or some of the most expensive woods.

By size, you can find Walk-in humidors, Furniture humidors, personal humidors, or travel humidors.

Cigar Cutters and cigar punchers

cigar cutter collage

Cigars generally come cut on one of the ends, and the other end is capped. This cap is a small part of the wrapper leaf stuck with tobacco paste or other vegetable glue to the tip, which must be cut and removed before smoking the cigar. To do this, you need a cutter device.

Another cigar tool is a cigar punch. These cylindrical blades gently remove the cap's center on a cigar. Besides a more concentrated draw, some connoisseurs prefer a punch cut because it leaves the edges of the cap, or the cigar's shoulder, fully intact.

Cigar Lighters and Matches

lighters and matches for cigars

To light up a cigar, you need a flame. Choose between 2 options: a wooden match, a thin strip of cedar, or a lighter. These options will not transfer chemical flavor to your cigar.

Cigar ashtrays


Ashtrays are needed when smoking cigars. First, you want to cut your cigar on an ashtray. In the smoking process, place the ash tip on the tapered inside surface of the ashtray and gently roll off the ash. If the ash doesn't come off when you press and roll it, it is not time to ash. When the ash is released, it will slide down into the bowl of the ashtray.

Cigar cases

cigar case

A cigar case is simply a case for carrying cigars. The key aspect of cigar cases, as opposed to a humidifier, is their portability and ease of taking cigars with you.

Cigar Holders

cigar holders

Instead of placing your cigar into an ashtray, you can let it rest on a cigar holder. Cigar holders are a base designed to keep your cigar in a good position and give you hand freedom.

Traditional Brands in the Cigar Luxury Market


st dupont lighter collection

We couldn’t possibly make a list of cigar accessory brands without mentioning ST Dupont. Founded in 1872, this french institution has been designing and manufacturing timeless lighters, collectible pens, leather goods, and recently other gadgets using the trademark diamond-head pattern.

Lighter price range: 160€ - 5k€


porsche design cigar accessories

The famous German car manufacturer found a niche within their customers or simply lovers of Porsche design: the cigar aficionados, and launched a small line of cigar accessories. Lighters, cutters, and even ashtrays, some of them designed to fit perfectly in the car’s consoles.

Lighter price range: 130€ - 250€

Guillotine price: 115€


solloshi 88 cigar humidor

Starting as an architecture and interior design firm, Solloshi has a special focus on high-tech, light but strong materials such as 7075 aluminum, alloy, and titanium. The range of items has expanded in the last decade and now involves a wider variety of gadgets such as cigar accessories like humidors, cigar holders, travel cases, lighters, cutters, and cigar punches. They qualify their products not as luxury but as supreme accessories.

SOLLOSHI 88 HUMIDOR 30k€ (includes free shipping)

SERIES 55-TITANIUM LIGHTER: (series of 50 numbered pieces): 4900€


totem eric piras ashtray

Designed by cigar house Eric Piras, Totem is their line of cigar accessories. They divide their products into 3 categories: Hold, Cut, and Ash. The “hold” is a range of leather cases that hold two, three, or five cigars, fitting up to 21cm x 60Ø cigars. Cut: small and lightweight cigar punches and, finally, Ash are colorful ashtrays inspired by Native American iconography.

ZINO Davidoff

zino cigar humidor collections

Zino Davidoff is one of the most recognizable brands by cigar lovers. Their luxury goods segment offers a range of “upscale products at fair prices”. Zino has a wide range of gift sets perfect for Christmas, father’s day or Hanukkah.


vsb london leather cigar case

VSB London is a family-run company specializing in designer luxury cigar cases and modern gentleman's accessories, cigar pouches, and cigar tubes.

Price range: 95€ - 1.8k€


elie blue cigar humidor

ELIE BLEU is considered the premier designer and manufacturer of the world's finest wooden cabinets and boxes. This french brand is famous not only for its cigar humidors and pouches but also its cutters and lighters.

Humidor Price range: 1100€ - 30k€



el pama cigar accessories

Bold and proud, El Pama offers a unique collection of cigar cutters, torch lighters, and smoke sets of authentic design and fair prices.

Cigar gift set price range: 152€ -300€


etsy homepage cigar accessories

With Etsy we want to highlight the work of independent emerging artisans and designers, allowing cigar enthusiasts worldwide to collect unique items. Etsy is home to those who offer a wide range of unique cigar accessories and is even a source of inspiration for big brands searching for new ways to work traditional items. From personalized wooden cigar ashtrays to engraved lighters and cutters, Etsy is the place to get one-of-a-kind personalized gifts.

Cigar accessories prices on Etsy: from 10€


bosquet paris leather cigar cases

Bosquet Paris aims to design, create and manufacture high-end cigar accessories. Each piece is handmade by qualified craftsmen using rare luxury materials to make each piece unique. Bosquet’s fortes are cigar leather pouches and humidors crafted up to the detail to keep your premium cigars on point.


colibri cigar lighters and cutters

Established in 1982, Colibri produces a collection of modern smoking accessories and luxury goods. Their lighter section is one of the most complete. Products are categorized by Triple Torch Flame, Double Torch Flame, Single Torch Flame, Soft Flame, and Desk Lighters. They offer four types of cutters: V-Cut, Straight Cut, Punch Cut, and a Table Cutter.

Colibri cigar lighters price range: 56€ -200€

Colibri cigar cutter price range: 49€ -150€


adorini cigar humidors cube

Founded in 1999, the Adorini brand has become internationally respected for producing some of the finest cigar humidors. Adorini humidors feature superior components of outstanding quality and materials with contemporary design and style.

Adorini Humidor Prices: From 85€ up


credo cigar humidifiers

Besides cigar cutters, Credo manufactures and sells digital and Analog humidifiers and hygrometers to accurately measure the humidity and temperature in cigar humidors for any environment where the humidity needs to be measured and maintained.

Prices: 25€ and up


wacota cigar humidor factory

For 40+ years of tradition, Wacota has been a top manufacturer of cigar humidors and cellars for the perfect preservation of tobacco cigars and puros. From personal humidors to walk-in cellars, this company tailors its products to the highest standards of a cigar aficionado.


dunhill luxury cigar lighters and torches

Dunhill is a classic British brand for men's clothing and accessories. Within their product catalog, they have an extensive line of luxury lighters.

Price range: 450€ - 5k€


fallon cuir che guevara cigar case

Fallon Cuir is a leatherworking factory relying on cutting-edge know-how and exclusively French handmade products. They’ve mastered the craftsmanship of leather telescopic pocket humidors with the capacity for up to 5 cigars and puros.

Prices: 100€ up


vector cigar lighters and torches

With over 30 years in the market of cigar lighters, Vector proposes over eight different flame type variations and over thirty body casing designs, the Vector Thunderbird line is one of the cigar aficionados’ favorites for its performance and customizability.


xicar cigar cutter collection swatch

Xicar designs and markets innovative products such as butane lighters, precision cigar-cutting instruments, travel cases, humidors, premium butane fuel lighters, and humidification systems.

Their cutters are loved by cigar enthusiasts. Xicar’s materials list goes from plastic to even fossil mammoth ivory.

Xikar Cigar cutter price range: 45€ - 1500€


boveda humidity control 10 pack

Born in 1997, Boveda is a pioneer in two way humidity control packs that regulate the environment of cigars and puros. Originally made for the marijuana industry, they work wonders on tobacco too.

Boveda 4 pack price average: 25€

Integra - Boost

integra boost humidity control pack

Boost by Integra is a 2-way humidity control solution that helps cigar lovers to create a balanced environment for their cigars and puros.

Boost 4 pack price average: 20€

Les Fines Lames

les fines lames france cigar cutter

Established in 2015 this french company begins with the creation and innovative promotion of a two-in-one accessory: the cigar cutter knife. Les fines lames have been building a solid digital brand image for several years and have been multiplying partnerships with leaders in the tobacco and spirits segment such as the LVMH, Pernod Ricard groups, Habanos, Drew Estate, and General Cigars.


From plastic to the most high-tech and exotic materials, the selection of cigar accessories is endless. You can like it simple and functional or bold and colorful and if you love cigars, you’re probably into collecting cigar accessories as well.

Cigar accessories enhance the smoking experience. We, cigar lovers, value a good cigar travel case, the right tool to cut and light our favorite cigars, and of course knowing that they are stored in the perfect environment.

Chateau Diadem has been for the past 20 years growing a collection of humidors, lighters, and cutters. Our aim is not only to sell tobacco but we also will be launching our unique label of cigar accessories very soon to make Chateau Diadem’s experience perfect from light to ash.

We hope you enjoyed this selection! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest news and articles.

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