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Pro-Cigar Festival

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ProCigar Festival 2023

This year the festival will take place from February 19th - to the 24th. The event offers a circuit of simultaneous tours where guests can participate in guided visits to the world’s biggest and most exclusive premium cigar factories and tobacco fields and leisure tours promoting the Dominican Republic. Each day culminates with a grand dinner where more than 800 national and international guests gather to celebrate the Dominican Cigar.

The event includes cigar field and factory tours, access to new and unreleased cigars, seminars, and workshops with industry gurus. Guests will enjoy premium cigars from top DR brands during all activities and go on excursions to the main cigar spots on the island.

We’re excited for this year’s festival and for everything that has yet to come. Our story was in the making last year, and this year we finally have something to show.

This article will share a little of the Pro cigar history and how the festival has evolved.

What is the Procigar Festival, and who is behind it?

Procigar is an association created in 1992 by the most prominent Dominican Republic cigar manufacturers, intending to maintain the excellence of Dominican tobacco products and the prestige of the island's name within the cigar industry.

The members of Procigar are currently:

General Cigars La Aurora, Quesada Cigars, Tabacalera de Garcia, Tabadom Holding Inc, De Los Reyes Cigars, Tabacalera Arturo Fuente, Tabacalera La Alianza, La Flor Dominicana, Tabacalera Palma, and PDR Cigars.

Procigar’s Members

General Cigars

General Cigar’s skilled artisans produce Macanudo, Cohiba, Partagas, La Gloria Cubana, and several other leading premium brands in the company’s vertically-integrated factory in Santiago, D.R.

La Aurora

One of the most symbolic names is the DR. La Aurora’s production has over a thousand references with well-known brands like La Aurora, León Jimenes, Príncipes, Family Reserve, and Imperiales.

Quesada Cigars,

After being forced to exile almost 50 years ago, the Quesada family moved their activity from Cuba to the DR. They manufacture the brands: Quesada, Fonseca, Casa Magna, Nat Sherman, Regius, Cubita, along with others.

Tabacalera de Garcia

The company behind some of the most legendary names no longer hand-rolled in Cuba but in the DR for the American market. Tabacalera Garcia produces tens of millions of sticks yearly between the brands: Don Diego, Santa Damiana, Trinidad, Por Larranaga, Romeo y Julieta, H.Upmann, and Montecristo.

Tabadom Holding Inc.

A subsidiary of the Swiss family-owned brand Oettinger Davidoff, Tabadom manufactures the brands Davidoff, AVO, Cusano, Griffin’s Private Stock, Zino, and Zino Platinum.

De Los Reyes Cigars

With a five-generation history in tobacco harvesting, this brand was born in 1995 to offer premium handmade cigar. Brands: Saga, Don Julio, Urban, Patoro, Debonaire, Puro de Hostos, and Arsen.

Tabacalera Arturo Fuente

One of the Dominican Republic cigar’s benchmarks, Arturo Fuente, was established in 1912 in Florida and is now based in Chateau de la Fuente in the village of Caribe, DR. Brands: Arturo Fuente, Fuente Fuente OpusX, Hemingway, Destino al Siglo, Rare Pink, Añejo, Gran Reserva, Chateau Fuente, Casa Cuba, Don Carlos, Magnum R Rosado Sungrown

Tabacalera La Alianza

With over 40 years of know-how, La Alianza rolls some of the most prestigious cigars, including E.P Carrillo.

Brands: Tabacalera La Alianza Brands: Encore, Dusk, La Historia, New Wave Connecticut, Inch Maduro, Inch Natural, Pledge.

La Flor Dominicana

Brands: 1994, Coronado, Suave, Doble Claro, Cameroon Cabinet, Air Bender, Ligero, Doble Ligero, Oro, Litto Gómez, Little Cigar, Reserva Especial.

Tabacalera Palma

With a positive impact on the community, not only does the company contribute to the direct employment of many citizens, but it also supports charities on the island. The company employs more than 350 citizens on site, more than 70% being women, indirectly employing more than 1,500 with all operations.

Brands: La Galera, La Instructora, Rough Rider Sweet Tip, Cibao, Cuban Aristocrat.

PDR Cigars

PDR Cigars, led by Dominican Master Blender and owner Abe Flores, has been creating some of the most highly acclaimed cigars in the world.

Brands: Flores y Rodríguez, A. Flores 1975, AFR-75, PDR 1878, El Trovador, El Criollito, PDR, 1878 Roast Cafe, José Rey.

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